SHOCK VIDEO: Gangster Rapper TRICK DADDY . . . Threatens To RAPE Rival MIAMI Rapper . . . Did He Just SNITCH ON HIMSELF???


Miami rapper Trick Daddy is in the midst of a controversy. He created a video yesterday where he made some very clear THREATS to fellow Miami rapper Nino Brown. The threats were so precise, that he may have provided law enforcement with enough evidence to convict him of a crime.

In addition to threatening to have Miami rapper Nino Brown kidnapped, Trick Daddy appears to threaten to RAPE him also. At one point in the video, Trick Daddy says:

n***a, I'm gonna stick my finger in your a**
you gay finger in the booty a** n***a

Trick Daddy is known to be heavy in the streets, so we're not sure WHAT to make of this. Listen for yourself: