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SHOCK VIDEO: Man Livestreams His ABUSIVE GIRLFRIEND . . . Trying To MURDER HIM . . . With A GIANT KNIFE!!! ('You Wanna F*CK With Me')

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A very disturbing video is making its rounds online – showing an ABUSED MAN being attacked by his girlfriend.

The video begins with the man staring into the camera with his face bloodied, looking absolutely terrified. The lady can then be seen crashing into the room, knife in hand, taking stabs at him as she screams, "You wanna f*ck with me?"

He replies frantically, "No. No, I won't do it!" But his words fall on death ears before the video cuts off.

The man's live streaming of the video could possibly have been to alert friends and family of the incident. He managed to get very clear footage of both he and his manic girlfriend's face with clear evidence of her physical assault and his submission.

The people in the video have not yet been identified, but if they are eventually found (which is highly possible), then his attacker will most likely face charges.

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