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SHOCK VIDEO: Man Has A HORRIBLE ACCIDENT . . . While Trying To URINATE . . . On NYC Subway!! (Dang Homie . .. RIP)

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Last weekend, a Brooklyn man was reportedly struck by a car, when returning from URINATING in the subway platform.
The below video shows the man emerging from the platform – after he finished urinating.

The man appears to ignore the DANGER of the oncoming train – and ends up paying with his LIFE.

This is the second subway death in Brooklyn this year. Almost 3 weeks ago, a man was struck by an L train after suffering a seizure on the platform before falling onto the tracks

The 31-year-old victim" collapsed and tumbled onto the tracks" just as the train was approaching. The L train was closed to the public while Emergency services worked hard to get his body out from underneath the train before being pronounced dead.

We think folks should consider going to the bathroom before leaving the house and even if it creeps up on you and you just can not hold it, peeing anywhere near train tracks is never a good idea! There are too many videos online of people in the subway who have gotten hit by trains because they weren't careful enough.

We hope that this will be the last subway incident of 2018. Check out the harrowing video below. (If you're queasy, don't watch!)

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