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SHOCK VIDEO: Man ‘FORCED TO FIGHT’ . . . After Getting Caught STEALING . . . From Mixed Martial Arts GYM!!!


If you have to steal – please don’t steal from an MMA gym. Especially NOT IN RUSSIA.
A student was believed to have STOLEN fighting gear from the gym – and sold it on the internet.

The gym members found out – and offered him a choice either go to a RUSSIAN PRISON – or fight the toughest guy in the gym.

The thief chose the fight . . . But it looks like he probably should have chosen JAIL.

His opponent shows him no mercy. The video runs for just over two and a half minutes and sees the thief being ferociously punked and kicked. When he eventually hits the ground, he is repeatedly kicked in the head by the man who is considerably bigger than him.

Perhaps he decided to take his chances with the MMA fighter after seeing National Geographic’s documentary on Russia’s Black Dolphin prison?

The prison holds Russia’s most notorious serial killers, pedophiles, and even cannibals. All of the inmates are kept in cells behind THREE sets of bars. Very tiny cells.

A brutal beating for a few minutes beats years in prison by any stretch of the imagination. And he’s learned a very valuable lesson. We doubt he’ll be stealing from the gym any time in the future.

Watch the video below.
The thief chose the fight . . . but it looks like he probably should have chosen JAIL.