SHOCK VIDEO: Best Friend Is BEATEN TO DEATH On Livestream . . . After Saying To Friend . . . 'F*CK YOUR MOTHER'!!!


Two men are charged with BEATING their best friend to DEATH - and livestreaming the VICIOUS beating. And you won't believe why. According to reports, the victim got drunk, and told one of the men "F*CK YOUR MOTHER."

That insult was enough to allegedly cost him his LIFE.

The attackers were identified as 20-year-old Aleš Olovec and 29-year-old Martin Kovač. The victim was identified as 26-year-old Andrej Cekuta. The incident took place in Slovenia.

It all started when the three men were drunk, and the victim said something along the lines of “f*ck your mother," and it drove the attacker mad.

In the video, you hear one of the attacker saying the following - in the language of Slovenia: "now you won’t sh*t talk anymore," "you won’t f*ck my mother" and "no one says that sh*t and this will happen to anyone that does."

The incident was reported to the police during the livestream and they found the two suspects about an hour later 150 miles away from their dying friend. The victim was rushed to the hospital but later died. Initial reports say he suffocated from bruising and internal injuries.