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SHOCK VIDEO: They Got Video Of Whitney Houston's BROTHER . . . Allegedly HIGH ON CRACK . . . Passed Out At A CRACK HOUSE!! (That Poor Family)


Drug addiction runs in the Houston family. New video from the website Radar Online appears to show Whitney's 59-year-old brother Gary Houston - passed out - in his car outside of a notorious Atlanta crack house.

Here is the video:

Here's what Radar is saying:

“Yeah, that’s Gary. The whole family is a bunch of dope heads,” a snitch spilled to Radar.

According to eyewitnesses, Gary was as high as a kite as he sat in his parked car — immobile and barely breathing with his foot on the brake as the engine raced — on the afternoon of Feb. 22 outside a notorious drug den in Atlanta, Georgia. It was 11 days after the fifth anniversary of Whitney’s passing.

“It’s a well-known drug house. There’s a lot of traffic going in and out of that dead-end street so it’s obvious,” a regular visitor to the dealer’s home told Radar.

“The guy sells pills, all kinds of pills – pain pills, pills for anxiety, Roxy, cocaine, weed and heroin.

Here is a link to the full story and video