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Popular Female Rapper Pulls Male Fan On Stage During Concert . . . Has S*X w/ HIM!!

One of the most popular female rappers on TikTok, a rapper named BigKlit is going viral, after she had relations with one of her fans - while on stage, MTO News has confirmed.


Megan Thee Stallion started a trend of "driving the boat" fan interaction. Meg often pauses her performances, so that she can "drive the boat" by pouring liquor into her fans' mouths.

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Well BigKlit - a female rapper with millions of followers on TikTok - has her own way of interacting with fans. Last night, she pulled a male fan on stage, and let him perform or*l relations on her.


BigKlit calls this fan interaction as "respect the bush."


The crowd erupted as the female rapper commanded the audience member to "respect the bush." And many concertgoers pulled out their phones and recorded the scene.

The video quickly went viral across TikTok and Twitter. Here is a link to it. Warning contains very GRAPHIC content.