SHOCK VIDEO: Elderly Woman ACCIDENTALLY Drives Van INTO A LAKE . . . And People LIVESTREAM . . . As They DROWN INSIDE!!!! (What Is WRONG With People??)


A horrific video is coming out of Venice, Florida - showing an accident that occurred on Monday, May 8.

The video shows the final moments of two Florida residents: 64-year-old Carol Hayden and her father, 88-year-old Eugene Hayden.

Carol was driving her minivan with her father as the passenger when she lost control and the van ended up in the water after going over the rocks.

Multiple bystanders are seen on video doing all they can to rescue the pair.

Unfortunately, both drowned. According to multiple witnesses, both Carol and Eugene were trying desperately to open their doors before becoming "frozen with fear."

The 2006 Dodge Caravan was soon recovered. The deceased father and daughter were still inside.

An investigation into precisely what happened has been opened.

To see the very DISTURBING video, click here