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SHOCK VIDEO; Drunken WEDDING Guests Burst Into Newlywed’s HOTEL ROOM . . . S*XUALLY Assault The Bride . . On Wedding Night!!!


A DISTURBING video has gone viral in China. The video shows some DRUNK wedding guests bursting into the newly married couple’s suite – and getting inappropriate with the bride.
The video has caused a NATIONAL OUTRAGE in China, and reports say that the police are investigating the incident.

This comes just days after a video has gone viral showing the intoxicated father of a groom trying to kiss his son’s new wife.

The wedding took place in Yancheng, Jiangsu province and shows an older man walking on a runway with his arm around the evidently uncomfortable bride. He then pulls her in for a kiss and holds her so tightly that she cannot escape his grip and the DJ shouts after him, a few cheers and claps can be heard.

A video then circulated of the moments following the kiss when the bride’s family members are seen rushing the stage and getting into a fight with the groom’s father, knocking over some decorations.

There have been several videos going viral showing inappropriate sexual behaviors at Asian weddings, We’re not sure why, but what’s happening in this video below is definitely not ok.

We hope the local police catch them soon.

Watch the video below and then leave us your comments.

Here is a link to the video.