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SHOCK VIDEO: Comedian Aries Spears Gets KNOCKED OUT . . . During A LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW!!! (Dang . . . That's COLD BLOODED)

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Comedian Aries Spears got a good night's sleep last night - after getting KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS by fellow comedian Zo Williams - during a Live Interview on the Corey Holcomb 5150 podcast.

What happened? Well Corey Holcomb and his panelists, Darlene Ortiz and Zo Williams, were all interviewing comedian Aries Spears - and everyone was DRINKING ON SET.

During the interview, Aries began getting disrespectful - talking over everybody, calling Darlene a Mexican b-tch, and telling Zo "shut up ni--a."

At one point Zo appeared to have had enough - he walked over to Aries, who was still seated - and gave him a THREE PIECE LIVE ON CAMERA.

Aries went down and allegedly WENT TO SLEEP for a short period of time.

We're working on getting you the video.