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SHOCK VIDEO: Canadian Police Officer SHOOTS Teen In The Head . . . And They Got It . . . ON VIDEO!!! (Was The Cop . . . JUSTIFIED??)

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The citizens of Canada are SHOCKED by a graphic video – which shows a Quebec police officer shooting an 18-year-old teen in the Maniwaki courthouse.

The 18 year old was seriously injured, and may not make it.

According to local law enforcement, the altercation between the teen and a special constable took place around 1 p.m. ET.

Police claim that the teenager seized a baton from the special constable during the altercation and hit him with it.

Authorities claim that the special constable then fired his gun, shooting the young man in the head.

In the video, the officer can be seen scuffling with the teen, holding him in a headlock; he appears to be trying to get the teenager down to the ground to subdue him. But the youth is having none of it. Several other officers then intervene, and it looks as though they managed to get the young man down to the ground - although part of this happens off camera.

Just as everything seems to have calmed down, it all sparks up again and the officers all charge back into the room. The young man can be heard screaming (sounding like he was in pain) before his friends rush to the door to see what is happening. The camera then shows a police officer shoot the teenager and his friends are heard reacting hysterically as the camera shakes.

The investigation is ongoing, but the statement said the special constable then fired his gun, shooting the man in the head.

Was this shooting justified?