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SHOCK VIDEO: Brazilian Drug Dealers LIVESTREAM Their ASSASSINATION Of Rival . . . Then . . . They TAGGED The Guy's FAMILY!!!!

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Drug dealers in Brazil have ZERO CHILL. A new video is going viral – showing the drug dealers assassinating a rival.

The gunman pulled up on his enemy and started shooting. He chased after the rival’s truck on foot.

Identified as 29-year-old Caio César Siqueira Sisnando, the driver was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. Caio was driving an L-200 and was eventually rescued from the Emergency Care Unit in Eusebio, but later died.

The two rival gang members were standing next to the victim's car. One of them apparently got out of the car, fired 11 times as his accomplice live streams the incident as Caio attempts to accelerate the L-200 but loses control of the vehicle causing his truck to crash into a traffic light of the road. The shooter then hops back into his vehicle, and they speed off.

According to a local report, the dealers then TAGGED Caio Caesar’s family members on social media. How brutal can you be to not only take the life of a man, but then to tag his family in a video of his death? Although the men did not show their faces in the video - the uploading to social media and subsequent tagging could possibly aid authorities in the tracking of the killers.

These days, crime and social media go hand in hand.

The whole thing could easily be mistaken for an upcoming trailer of the Netflix series Narcos or a scene from City Of God.

Here is the video
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Here is the video

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