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SHOCK VIDEO: Boxer Jermell Charlo Gets ROBBED . . . In The Club . . . By A BIG BOOTY BLONDE!! (She Got Him . .. For 150K)

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A group of five women are believed to have stolen $155,000 in cash and jewelry from pro-boxer Jermell Charlo – as he was fighting someone Jay-Z’s 40-40 club.
The robbery occurred early Sunday morning after Jermell attended a boxing match in Brooklyn.

Jermell got into a fight while the women were near. While there was chaos, police say the women stole the bag — which was loaded with $40,000 in cash and jewelry worth $115,000 — off a chair.

There was surveillance footage of the five women leaving the club, one of them can be seen carrying the bag,

The NYPD believes the fight wasn’t related to the robbery and that the women took advantage of the altercation to steal the bag. The women can also be seen in the footage partying with the boxer prior to the incident. A publicist for Charlo told the press that the robbery was “not random.”

Why were these women foolish enough to do this when there were evidently cameras everywhere?!

And did they set up the altercation as a distraction so that they could make off with his goods?

“We, of course, have given all footage to the NYPD and have cooperated as we always do for the last 15 years,” 40/40 spokesperson Didier Morais said. “The bag in question was handed to one of the girls with the Charlo party by a friend of the party host, and she walked out of the club with it.”

Watch the news clip below.