SHOCK VIDEO: Bounty Hunters Try And TAKE IN FUGITIVE . . . And The Fugitive Ends Up . . . KILLING THEM BOTH!! (Crazy Video Of GIN BATTLE)


Two bounty hunters, identified as 54-year-old Fidel Garcia and 33-year-old Gabriel (Gabe) Bernal, with F.N.G. Security and Investigations out of Corpus Christi, Texas, were hunting for 49-year-old Ramon (Raymond) Michael Hutchinson, a fugitive wanted out of Minnesota on a warrant for failure to appear in court in March on charges of disarming a police officer, fourth-degree assault of a police officer and felony first-degree possession of narcotics.

Garcia and Bernal learned that Hutchinson's girlfriend was looking to trade in a car at the dealership and waited over two hours, hoping Hutchinson would come with her. He did.

They purportedly misrepresented themselves as federal agents to the dealership's owner, identified as Rick Ford. He'd just assumed they were plainclothes officers. The two bounty hunters hadn't asked for permission or shown IDs to Mr. Ford before everything went down.

Hutchinson arrived with his girlfriend, and the two bounty hunters moved in.

They approached and took out their cuffs to arrest him with their guns drawn. Then Hutchinson pulled a gun and it fell on the office desk.

When the scuffle started, Hutchinson was able to get his weapon and fire off shots. Then all hell broke loose.

In the span of roughly six seconds, about 20 shots were exchanged.

All three men suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene.