SHOCK VIDEO: Boss FORGETS To Hang Up Video Conference Call . . . Livestreams SMASHING SECRETARY . . . To Entire Company!!

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Dodgy Office Sex Tape Leads To Fake News Arrests

A boss EXPOSED his affair to the entire company – by streaming him SLEEPING WITH HIS SECRETARY to the entire 3,000 person company.

The incident occurred in China – where the company’s CEO was conducting a conference call with the department heads. The stream was available to ALL of the companies employees.

When the boss was supposed to “hangup”, he didn’t – and shortly after  the call was over, he began having s*x with his secretary. The two had been carrying on an affair for many weeks, according to local reports.

Here’s what is being reported by the Metro UK newspaper:

The suspects, a man surnamed Tang and a woman surnamed Wang, were taken on defamation charges by police in Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong Province.

Next to the clip, the post claimed the illicit couple involved were a senior manager and a female worker who worked under him.

The post, which even featured a picture circling the two allegedly involved, claimed the manager had left the camera on following a conference call.

China Southern Power Grid, which is one of two state-owned power providers, is pressing charges against Tang and Wang, both 30, who have since admitted to spreading the rumours online.