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SHOCK VIDEO: Beautiful Brazilian Woman Is Forced . . . To Do The UNTHINKABLE On Livestream . . . To Satisfy A DEBT SHE AND HUSBAND OWE!!


The entire nation of Brazil is OUTRAGED - over a video that has gone viral - the HORROR that many Brazilians are living with daily.

The video shows a beautiful Brazilian woman being EXTORTED by a local GANG MEMBER. The woman and her husband reportedly "owe" the gang money - and they came for payment.

Of course, the woman did not have the money the gang leader was looking for - so he wanted payment in another way . . . and degrading and HUMILIATING way.

And the gang leader went further - he LIVESTREAMED everything and tagged the girl's family and friends.

Local politicians are SO OUTRAGED by the video, that there is talk of REAL CHANGE coming to the South American nation

Here is the link to the video