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SHOCK VIDEO: Asian Bride Allows Guests To FEEL HER UP . . . For A Couple Of Dollars . . . AT HER WEDDING!!!


An exotic dancer from THAILAND came up with an interesting idea to make some $$ instead of SPENDING it – at her wedding.
To help raise funds for the event and the honeymoon – the bride allowed guests to take pictures of themselves GROPING HER – in exchange for money.

According to local reports, the dancer was not only able to pay for the ENTIRE WEDDING AND HER HONEYMOON . . . But she made a few thousand dollars from it all.

But the authorities have put an end to these wild stories. The “bride” was apparently a transsexual cabaret act – a ladyboy named Miss Bee.

She apparently told the authorities that while she doesn’t usually do such things, a large group of Chinese men asked to touch her and paid her 20 baht each – hence them all taking selfies with her. So she obliged.

She was later with indecent exposure and fined 5,000 baht, so in the end, it really wasn’t worth it.

In 2016, a Swiss artist named Milo Moiré went viral with her “Mirror Box” performance. The show was to “highlight the need for consent in sexual acts,” and she allowed strangers to fondle her breast or genitals for 30 seconds. She took her live show all around Europe and at one point, eve ended up behind bars for her indecent art in London.

We understand free will. It’s your body so you should be able to use it how you choose, but civilians also have the right not to be subjected to somebody’s bare breasts.

There are far easier and more private ways to make a point or to make some fast money. Why didn’t the “bride” just hit the pole?

Here is the link to the video