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SHOCK VIDEO: Camera's Catch 10-YEAR-OLD GIRL . . . Getting ABDUCTED . . . By A SERIAL CHILD RAPIST!!! (We PRAY They CATCH Him)


The entire nation of Brazil is on HIGH ALERT - for a man that police are calling a SERIAL CHILD RAPIST!!

The man is believed to have abducted and s*xually assaulted over 30 young girls in the Sao Paolo area. Now, police may have their first LEAD n the case.

Street cameras appear to have captured the ANIMAL - as he violated his latest victim.

The video, below, shows a girl on her way to the church in São Paulo’s East Zone as she was snatched by a man who forced her into his car.

The girl is reported to have been coerced into sex with threats inside the car.

The assailant has not yet been identified and is wanted by the police, but he fits the description of the serial child rapist on the loose.

Here is the video - we warn you, it's TOUGH to watch: