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SHOCK VIDEO: 10 Year Old CHICAGO RAPPER Makes VERY DISTURBING Rap Song . . . Should This Be Considered . . . CHILD ABUSE!!

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A 10-year-old gang banging Philadelphia released a very DISTURBING video and hip-hop song.
The song- which is called ‘Chiraq (She Coming Through)’ uses the most VILE LANGUAGE IMAGINABLE. It flips Meek Mill's 'Chiraq' track which featured Lil Durk, Shy Glizzy.

The youngster in question's name is Quaddy Goon, and he delivers the fourth and final verse on the track. Again, the young man was just 10 years old at the time of making this video.

Here are some of the young boy's lyrics:

"I'm bustin tracks, I'm getting licks
Any problem I'm coming over
They coming through, they drilling sh*t
Text your b*tch, she coming through
She coming through, she s*cking d*ck
S*ck my d*ck so good, I'm like
"God damn, you dirty b*tch
You dirty b*tch, you dirty b*tch"

People have already sent this video to the Chicago CHILD SERVICES – and are asking that he be investigated. The reality is, there are young children out there who get jumped into gangs at a young age, so it's very likely that this was in fact, Quaddy Goon's reality. But throwing him into the spotlight at such a young age in this fashion could quite possibly kill a lot of opportunities for him outside of the streets.

The older heads in the video should have known better. Even if they wanted him to be on track, they shouldn't have allowed him to spew such sexually aggressive lyrics.

Here is the video:

alternate link: