SHOCK STUDY: There Are Neighborhoods In ATLANTA . . . Where 75 PECENT Of The People Who Live Their . . . HAVE HIV!!!


A recent study by the CDC regarding HIV risk had some very UNSETTLING information for those who live in America's southeast, and especially Atlanta. According to the report, more than 2% pf the people in the State of Georgia, and 10% of thecity of Atlanta are infected with HIV. The stude went on to say tht in some areas of Atlanta as many as 75 PERCENT of the people living there, were infected with HIV. Here's how Channel 2 News is reporting oon it:

A recent study released by the CDC shows why that funding is so critical. If you live in the southeast, you're more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than any other part of the country and in Georgia the risk of diagnosis leaps to one in 51. "We should not be having an epidemic of that proportion in a country like ours," del Rio said. "This is not Africa, we have resources." Fulton County now has a new public health director and HIV programs like mobile testing units are more visible around the city. The van travels to ZIP codes with the highest number of HIV cases.