SHOCK REPORT: Popular CHILD Actor Is HOMELESS . . . Hooked On CRYSTAL METH . . . And May Be Suffering From AIDS RELATED DEMENTIA!!!


Child, we just got some TEA on a popular CHILDHOOD ACTOR. We're gonna leave this one as a BLIND ITEM, cause we're not trying to get CAUGHT UP IN NOTHING. Here is the tea we received:

[Popular child actor] is strung out on crystal meth, and has been for the the past three years. He hasn't acted in more than that because he has been putting energy into his music career. LOL.

He has at least two kids that he doesn't take care of and his baby's mother says she caught him messaging dudes with shirtless pictures and stuff.

He's also homeless, living with friends and sometimes out of cars.

The word on the street is that he has the bug [HIV] and is going crazy because he isn't taking the medication and suffers from [AIDS RELATED DEMENTIA].

Man that's so messed up. . .