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SHOCK REPORT: Legendary Singer And Dancer BEN VEREEN Is A PERVERT . . . His Old Azz Is CAUGHT . . . Molesting YOUNG DANCERS!! (PICS)

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According to the Daily News, legendary singer/dancer Ben Vereen is a pervert. They caught him sexually assaulting some young dancers.

Here is what they are reporting:

The women — part of the Venice Theatre production outside of Tampa — say Vereen forced unwanted kisses, hugged them aggressively, stripped naked during an acting exercise and made degrading comments about their weight, sex appeal and personal lives.

Two of the actresses told the Daily News that Vereen lured them to his Florida rental home on separate occasions in September 2015 under the guise of “private rehearsals.” Then he pressed his erect penis into their legs without warning.

In a lengthy statement to the Daily News Thursday, Vereen did not deny the accusations.

“I would like to apologize directly to the female cast members of the musical Hair for my inappropriate conduct when I directed the production in 2015,” he said.

Here are some pics of the dancers Vereen directed at the Venice Teatre:
Pic #1
Pic #2
Pic #3