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SHOCK REPORT: Tommie From Love And Hip Hop . . . SAVAGELY BEATEN By Atlanta Police . . . CAUGHT ON TAPE!!! #BlackLivesMatter

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Love & Hip Hop star Tommie Lee was brutally assaulted by the Atlanta police, and it was all caught on DASHBOARD CAMERA.

In the below video, you see the entire incident. It all started about six months ago, when the reality star was sitting in the backseat of a jeep, that was pulled over by the Atlanta police.

The officer asked the driver out of the car, and determined that the driver was not intoxicated. But that didn't stop the officer from giving a DUI arrest.

Here is the video of the officer getting UPSET when he realized that the driver was not drinking that night. Look at the way this officer talks to the driver, a law abiding citizen:

Then the LYING officer goes to the passenger, a pregnant woman, and tries to suggest that the driver "switched seats" with her, so that she would avoid getting a DUI. He even LIES TO HER, telling her that the driver "told him he switched seats." The LYING COP only backs off his story, when he realizes that he passenger is PREGNANT, and thus was not drinking.

And here's where the EXTREME BRUTALITY came in. The officer was so HELL BENT ON ARRESTING ONE OF THE BLACK PEOPLE IN THE CAR, that he then said that it was the back seat passenger, TOMMIE that switched seats with the officer.Somehow the officer claims that Tommie jumped out of the back seat into the front seat, and switched with the driver, all while the officer was pursuing them - a RIDICULOUS claim.

So the ANGRY and VICIOUS officer pulled her out of the car and BRUTALIZED HER.

The reality TV. star can be seen SLAMMING her head on pavement so hard, she was dazed and confused. She can be see stumbling in her high heels as the police forces her towards his patrol car.

Whatever you think about Love & Hip Hop, or Tommie - what happened to her is WRONG and she deserves JUSTICE. #BlackLivesMatter