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SHOCK REPORT: New Report Says That One Of Jay Z's JUMPOFFS . . . Got 'INJURED' At His House!! (Chile . . . This Is TOO JUICY)

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The website Crazy Days And Nights just dropped a BOMB. The site claims that LAST MONTH, one of Jay Z's alleged side pieces was at his "house" and she got injured. The website originally posted it as a BLIND ITEM - but now they just revealed it. Peep the below:

Blind Items Revealed
August 9, 2016

No amount of cameras were going to make this A+ list singer and her A+ list mogul husband interact with each other after the week they have had. Apparently one of the women he sleeps with on a regular basis severely injured herself in a fall at his house.

Beyonce/Jay-Z/Coldplay concert

A "fall" at his house. Sounds like SOLANGE might have been there to help her "fall."