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SHOCK REPORT: Did Nate Parker . . .Just ADMIT TO BEING A RAPIST . . . During His New EBONY INTERVIEW????

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Actor/director/producer Nate Parker gave a pretty open and honest interview to Ebony Magazine. In it Nate spoke about MALE privilege, the alleged rape incident and more. He was surprisingly open in the interview.

But what struck us the hardest was when Nate said THIS:

Back then, it felt like . . . I’ll say this: at 19, if a woman said no, no meant no.

If she didn’t say anything and she was open, and she was down, it was like how far can I go? If I touch her breast and she’s down for me to touch her breast, cool. If I touch her lower, and she’s down and she’s not stopping me, cool. I’m going to kiss her or whatever. It was simply if a woman said no or pushed you away that was non-consent.

Let me be the first to say, I can’t remember ever having a conversation about the definition of consent when I was a kid. I knew that no meant no, but that’s it. But, if she’s down, if she’s not saying no, if she’s engaged–and I’m not talking about, just being clear, any specific situation, I’m just talking about in general.

This is a very interesting statement because the victim claims that she did not say no because she was unconscious. Did Nate unwittingly just admit to raping her??