SHOCK REPORT: There May Be LEAD . . . Or OTHER CHEMICALS . . . In COMPTON'S City Water Supply!! (Are Kids Being POISONED??)


There are reports that the water in Comptn California has been compromised. Residents are reporting that cloudy, brown water is coming out of the taps at five elementary schools in South Los Angeles.

According to local authorities, residents have been complained about the tap water conditions for weeks. It's gotten so bad that 5 schools - 96th Street, Grape Street, Compton Avenue, Joyner and Flournoy elementary schools are only giving students bottled water.

The Los Angeles Unified School District released a statement saying that the district's Office of Environmental Health and Safety has been in contact with the L.A. Department of Water and Power about the matter.

They claim to have "investigated" the water and foud that while the water is "discolored" at the schools, the water was "adequately chlorinated" and didn't show any bacteria.

It's not clear right now, whether anything else will be done.

For now kids in Compton schools are given the choice - either drink the brown water, or bring their own bottled water to school. Compton is home to some of the poorest citizens in the State of California.