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SHOCK REPORT: Hip Hop Star Allegedly 'ABUSES' His Rapper Girlfriend . . . Wants Her To GIVE UP MUSIC . . . And Have His BABIES!!!


One of your FAVE couples - may be in a very UNHEALTHY relationship. Word is that the relationship is "abusive." Not physically, but emotionally.

Here's some tea that a little birdie told us. We're not going to say any names, but see if you can guess:

[Rapper] is controlling and trying to ruin [Girlfriend]. Her entire team and family hate him.

He talks to her negatively about her style and music. He and [Girlfriend] got into a fight before the Grammys, so that’s why he didn’t show up with her.

He’s already telling her that after this year he wants her to leave music and have his children.

Her parents dislike him, and they’re begging her to leave him. She feels obligated to stay with him because she feels that he took a chance with her and believes in her.

He helps her with her music so in a way she feels that in a way if she leaves him and her music sounds differently, people may look at her funny.

We're not heartless here at MTO - we know how powerful new love can be - but quitting a career that you've worked so hard to build to cater to somebody else's ego would just be stupidity.

ESPECIALLY if this so-called rapper isn't even being faithful!

She better heed her friends and family's advice before he reduces her to a quivering, insecure wreck! Listen to your mama, girl - 'cause Mama knows best!

*The photo of Cardi B above is for illustrative purposes only. It is not meant to insinuate anything about her.