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SHOCK REPORT: Gabrielle Union REFUSES To Allow Dwyane Wade's 'BREAK BABY' . . . To Be Included In New Christmas Family Pics!! (Is She Being PETTY??)


Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have an amazing family - the couple is raising three kids together - Dwyane's two sons Zion and Zaire and nephew Daphon. All three are being featured in a new commerical that the Wades are doing for the pain killer Tylenol.

But one member of the Wade family is NOT included - and that's Dwyane's youngest son Xavier - his "break" baby. According to sources Gabby did NOT want the 3 year old included in the commercial.

Some folks on social media are saying that Gabby is MESSED UP for not including her husband's OTHER SON in their campaign.

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