MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We Know The NAME . . . Of Chyna And Rob Kardashian's DAUGHTER . . . And We Have EVIDENCE TOO!! (Do You LIKE THE NAME??)

Baby_Name_Chyna just got some EXCLUSIVE JUICY information. We know what Chyna and Rob are naming their daughter. The little girl will be named Aniyla.

How can we be so SURE? Well our Kardashian SNITCH told us. Rob got his future daughter's name tatted on his neck yesterday, to memorialize the occasion.

Oh, and we got some more tea. Our snitch has been working on the Chyna and Rob show - and she says it is a "complete SH*T SHOW." She says it's on the same level of RATCHETNESS as the BAD GIRLS CLUB.

We can't WAIT to see the show.