SHOCK REPORT: Basketball Wives' Star SALARY REVEALED . . . And You Won't Believe . . . How Much They PAY THE GIRLS!! (Shaunie Is A PIMP)


Wanna know how much the ladies on BASKETBALL WIVES GET? Well Royce Reed just SPILLED THE BEANS.

Royce is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with her baby's father, NBA star Dwight Howard.During the course of their litigation, Royce disclosed how much she was paid by Basketball Wives.

According to docs, for the first season, Royce brought in $5k an episode ($45,000 for the full season). She was later bumped up to $10k per episode for season 2 ($130,000 for the full season). For season 3, she received $15k an episode ($180,000 for the full season) and for the fourth season she was paid $20k an episode ($340,000).