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SHOCK REPORT: Amber Rose Is Taking 'BREAK' From Social Media . . . So That She Can Undergo 'EXTENSIVE PLASTIC SURGERY'!!! (Find Out WHAT SHE'S GETTING)


Here's a report that one of Amber's little Rosebuds sent us:

Amber Rose might have her rosebuds fooled, but the real reason she's taking a month off from social media and her podcast is because she's getting liposuction plastic surgery. [Don't release my info] because of HIPPA laws, she's going to the plastic surgeon my cousin works at.

Amber sees Blac Chyna snapping back in shape quickly for the new year and she doesn't want to be overlooked. So don't be surprised when you see a miraculous slimmer version of Amber Rose come 2017.

She knows her weight is starting to be an issue for her career and she desperately wants to get close to size when she first was spotted on the scene with Kanye.

So she's going under the knife to achieve that look and have people talking about how great she looks when she comes back on the scene. In order for her to achieve this, she has to be away from the spotlight to allow time to heal.

Hence why she is taking a month long "break".