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SHOCK REORT: NBA Star Tristan Thompson Allegedly DENIES PATERNITY . . . Told Girlfriend Khloe . . . That His Exes Baby AIN'T HIS!!!!

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The Kardashian DRAMA just ratcheted up a notch. As reported, Tristan's EX-GF Jordy is pregnant - and speculation is that it's Tristan's baby.

Well Radar Online is saying that Tristan is DENYING paternity. Here is what Radar Online is reporting:

“Tristan told Khloe that it is not his child,” a source close to the Keeping up with the Kardashians clan told exclusively.

“She wants to believe him, of course,” said source. “But she is obviously very skeptical about the whole situation.”

However, according to the insider, Kardashian’s meddling momager, Kris Jenner, 60, “doesn’t buy it for a second!”

“Kris tried to get to the bottom of this by contacting Jordy. She just wanted to get some answers,” the source told Radar, adding, “But when Khloe found out what Kris did she flipped and told her to stay out of it.”

As KUWTK fans know, Kardashian is extra sensitive to infidelity following her marriage to Lamar Odom.

OOOOH this is gonna be good. While Tristan is saying THAT (allegedly), Jordy is on Instagram thanking people for "supporting her" through this mess.