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SHOCK POLL: 36 Percent Of Black Voters . . . APPROVE OF DONALD TRUMP???

A new report claims that 36% of Black voters now support President Donald Trump. President Trump had a horrible week. He was exposed as a racist - AGAIN - this time by his former assistant Omarosa Manigault-Newman. And his former campaign head is on the verge of federal prison.,

But according to the REPUBLICAN FRIENDLY Rasmussen Reports, his numbers with African American voters is now through the roof. Most polls have Donald Trump's approval ratings at about 9% among African Americans. 

The new Rasmussen report claims that Trump's Black support is growing fast. The report claims now that more than a third of Black voters now support the president.

Here's the report:

But in its analysis, the NAACP slammed Trump and even went as far as claiming that Trump is setting race relations back, a charge that echoes recent media criticism of the president for slamming hoops star LeBron James.

The NAACP said in its poll analysis, “Voters across all racial and ethnic groups believe Trump is setting race relations back. Three quarters of African-Americans, Latinos and Asian-Americans believe Trump is setting race relations back while a small majority of white voters believe so. Black women (89 percent), in particular, feel disrespected by President Trump.”

Said NAACP: “Trump’s strategy of trotting out black people to support him is not working, if it is intended to inspire African-American support for him or his policies. Black celebrities like Kanye West or Dennis Rodman who support Trump do not help Trump’s support among African-American voters. To the contrary, more than three times as many black voters say that black celebrities speaking on Trump’s behalf makes them less interested in listening to or supporting Trump’s ideas than black voters who say it would make them more open to listening to or supporting Trump’s ideas. A majority of black voters say these celebrities have no impact.”