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SHOCK POLITICAL RUMOR: Allegedly Senator Lindsay Graham Is SECRETLY GAY . . . And Trump May Be BLACKMAILING HIM!!!


Have you guys wondered what is going on with Senator Lindsay Graham? He used to be TOUGH on President Trump, now he's gone soft all of a sudden.

Well according to online rumors - they say that Lindsay may be SECRETLY GAY - and Trump could be using that as BLACKMAIL.

Here's what is being reported:

In an interview with Laura Ingraham, Huckabee responded to Senator Graham’s intervention in a row over Donald Trump’s spurious wiretapping claims.

He said: “I’m very disappointed in Lindsey.”

In an apparent reference to the Senator’s sexuality, he said: “I sometimes wonder what uniform he puts on each morning when goes out to the field to play… and I’m not just talking about the partisan uniform.”

Graham – a moderate opponent of LGBT rights who has never been married and has no children – has previously denied rumors about his sexuality after being branded “ambiguously gay” by a Republican primary opponent.

So what do you think.