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SHOCK PICS AND VIDEO: TV Station Shows ALLIGATORS Eating AFRICAN-AMERICAN Plane Crash VICTIM . . . And They Aired It . . . LIVE On National TV!!! (Wow . . . How Insensitive)

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These screen grabs from a WPLG10 helicopter video show the shocking moment an alligator lays next to the body of a plane crash victim.

In the clip, the body of the pilot is blurred out but the huge reptile can be seen laying next to the victim in the swampy Everglades.

Horrifically, it was reported that the crew inside the helicopter witnessed the alligator eating the man's body. The single-engine Cessna 152 was found in an area seven miles west of Homestead, which is a rural city town south of Miami, in Florida. The FAA said the pilot was the only person on board and his name has not been released.

Miami-Dade police said that the crash scene was found about 9.30pm on Wednesday. The small Cessna was registered to Air Christian Inc. located in Miami. FAA and National Transportation Safety Board investigators arrived at the scene Thursday morning and are investigating the incident.