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SHOCK PICS: Small Town Teacher Gets HOOKED ON HEROIN . . . Goes From PROM QUEEN . . . To Thriller ZOMBIE . . . In Less Than a YEAR!! (That Was FAST . . . WOW)

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An Oklahoma teacher addicted yo HEROIN - shows a GRAPHIC EXAMPLE of the OPIOD problem in America.

Megan Sloan is a 27 year old Elementary School teacher, and up until about a year ago - she was pretty.

But now that she's hooked on heroin, she looks like a WALKING ZOMBIE from Micheal Jackson's Thriller. She's also OUT OF A JOB. Here's what happened to her - accordign to the website

[Megan] was eventually arrested this past week when a fellow teacher at Holmes Park Elementary, let’s call her Nosey Nancy, noticed Sloan’s Facebook open on her computer and a conversation Sloan was having about bringing heroin to school, selling drugs, and stealing school property. If you’re admitting to a crime on Facebook, you’re likely at the end of your line. If you’re doing so with your Facebook account logged in and your computer open with Nosey Nancy hanging around, you’re begging to be caught. Psych 101. And Sloan was.

Police arrived at school and found drug paraphernalia of the heroin needle shooting kind in Sloan’s purse, and small amounts of methamphetamine. As if there are small amounts. Upon her arrest, Sloan confessed to a series of drug use and abuse crimes, including theft of school property to pay for her habit. Specifically, iPads she pawned, and cash stolen from school trip money.