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SHOCK PICS: Reality Star Joseline Had A ‘TIME OF THE MONTH’ Accident . . . On A White Couch!!!


Reality Star Joseline Hernandez – formerly from Love And Hip Hop had an accident. She was sitting on a white couch in Miami and well…

It appears to have been her TIME OF THE MONTH. Look at the below pic.

The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is still out here trying to stay relevant after walking away from the franchise. Last month, she tried to drop a Cardi B diss track which was garbage and fell on death ears, and her former co-stars are getting ready for the upcoming season without her.

“Me walking away from the reality show, I just really feel like the way that they were showing me, it was like ‘how do you show me like this?’ You just gave me a $500,000 budget, but this is how you show me. I didn’t like that shit. That shit really bothered me. You gave me a budget to do a show for my daughter, but then you turn around and do this to me? I feel like sometimes you gotta respect certain things, especially a person like me. I’ve been with the network for seven years and if you allow me to do something better, allow me to do that. Don’t turn around and try to show something I did four years ago,” she said on The Breakfast Club.

Her replacement Erica Mena has everybody excited. With a firecracker like her on set, it’s doubtful that too many of us will be missing Ms. Joseline.

The word is that she does have a new reality television show, Joseline Takes Miami which is being produced by former RHOA producer Carlos King. But there could already be problems with the show. Last year a judge issued an order preventing both Joseline and Stevie J from taking the baby out of Georgia. The only exceptions being for vacations of two weeks or less after a court-appointed monitor. Has she been violating the court order for a check?

We hope that she invests in some Kotex pads… period blood pics are not hot!