Brittanya O’Campo is a reality television star and one of the most famous social media "models" around, with approximately 16.4 million followers. Before becoming an Instagram model, however, she was already famous for appearing in shows such as “Charm School," and “Rock of Love Bus." She also appeared in various magazines as a model throughout her career.

But it's her sexy pictures on social media that have her Instagram numbers popping.

Here are some pics of her:

Well yesterday a website posted pics of what Brittanya looked like BEFORE all the surgeries - when she was on the VH1 show Charm School. And it's startling how different she looks.


When asked specifically what she has done to change her appearance- Brittanya was open about it. She told fans:

Changed Eyebrows (layered the tattoo off)
Obviously colored hair
My implants were fake looking I redid them for a natural look
Took off tattoo on my stomach (I didn’t want that one anymore)
I had my lips done before obviously (not sure if I should get them done again)

Of course, she also had TONS of liposuction and a Brazilian Butt lift.

While Brittanya has become know for her modeling and clothing line, she actually has roots in reality television. Finding a way to get on reality televisions seems to be the formula for success, at least if fame and money is all you care about. Very few of these reality stars successfully navigate the labyrinthine corridors of the industry without getting typecast in a negative way.

Brittanya is actually quite famous for attacking another woman with a pimp chalice — a fancy drinking goblet. After the attack, the woman required several stitches to seal the wounds caused by the attack. Brittanya was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon. After pleading guilty to the charges, she was sentenced to six months in the Ventura County Jail.