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SHOCK Pics Of Amber Rose Face Leak - Twitter Says She's Now 'UGLY'!

Amber Rose, once considered an exotic beauty, looks much different these days. The former beauty has been conspicuously absent from social media in recent weeks.

But MTO News obtained new pics of the former model which popped up online - as she was on vacation in Mexico.

In the images, Amber Rose, her baby's father Alexander Edwards, and his best friend Tyga enjoy a jet ski ride on Mexican water while vacationing in Cabo with a large group of friends. 

Later in the day, Tyga and Amber's boyfriend Alexander Edwards can be seen having a laugh while chatting with friends. 

Twitter got ahold of the photos and pointed out two things. One Amber's face looks very weathered - with some on the social media even calling her "ugly."

Second, they claim that Amber's baby's father appeared to be more interested in other women than in Amber.

While we do agree that Amber looks older and perhaps sunburned in the pics, we're not sure she looks "weathered" per se. 

Here are the images: