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SHOCK PICS: Houston Couple See Baby Dressed In 'KU KLUX KLAN' Outfit . . . Sitting At Local RESTAURANT!!! (Is It THAT RACIST . . . In Houston? . . . PICS)


A Houstonian MTOer sent us a pic that he took – of a mother and child eating at a local restaurant.

There were the couple and their young child – who appeared to be OPENLY wearing a KKK outfit.

What’s crazy is that the MTOer – who is Black – is the only person who took offense to the child’s outfit.

Everyone else acted like it was “no big deal.”

The mother of the infant sat outside a bar with the white-hooded baby sitting on her lap while soaking in some rays and chatting with her man.

During the very new reign of Putin-loving, Cheeto face - more and more secret bigots and racist are proudly stepping into the spotlight with brazen displays such as these.

It says even more that those around her didn't even raise so much as an eyebrow. This is Trump's America. Neo-nazis no longer feel ashamed of their political views and feel that they can pull bullsh*t like this and not get checked.

Stuff like this happens more often than you'd think.

A while back young boy from Virginia went viral after a pic of him wearing full Klan robes were published online. At the time, the Imperial Wizard of the United Klans of America took offense at the young boy wearing their "scared" robes and symbols and threw a hissy fit claiming that the boy's mother had "disgraced the organization by letting her son, Jackson, dress in a floor-length white robe and traditional KKK hood."

She knew she could get away with this in the part of Houston she was at. Otherwise, the ending could have been very different!