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SHOCK PICS: 'Discount' African Airplane FALLS APART Mid-Flight . . . Airplane Door FALLS OFF!! (What The FREAK)

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People aboard a Dana Airlines plane, an MD 83 - were left in shock after the exit door fell off as they landed at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.

According to eyewitnesses, the exit door which was rattling throughout the flight, eventually fell off once it landed.

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority has already launched an investigation into the incident. Despite the horrible accident, the aircraft was still able to return to Lagos, where it will remain until it has passed the NCAA certification.

“We have investigated the issue and inspected the airplane. We are doing a follow-up investigation on how and why the door came down. Meanwhile, the door has been fixed. The aircraft landed in Abuja. The incident happened in Abuja. The aircraft is back in Lagos, and it was from Lagos that we carried out the investigation on the aircraft," General Manager, Public Affairs of the regulatory, Sam Adurogboye told the press.

Despite claims from the airline's spokesperson that the door could not possibly open with "tampering or a conscious effort from a passenger," there were not any passengers beside the door when it detached from the plane. No injuries nor any fatalities have been reported which throws that theory out of the window.

The lack of maintenance of some planes being used in Nigeria is becoming quite disturbing. Read eyewitness’ accounts below.

Two Twitter users who were on the said plane narrated their scary experience while corroborating the fact that, the exit door of the Dana airplane they flew in fell off as they landed at an airport.