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SHOCK PICS: Anais From LOVE AND HIP HOP Extreme Weight Loss . . . Is She OKAY???


New pics of Anais from Love And Hip Hop have surfaced, and it has many people worried. The NY beauty lost an extreme amount of weight, and now she looks SHOCKINGLY thin. The new pics were released by Anais on her social media page.

The pictures showed Anais roughly 50 pounds lighter than she was on Love & Hip Jop. And Anais didn't really have 50 "extra" pounds to give up. She now looks very drawn, and her bones are showing.

Many of Anais' fans are wondering if she's alright. Some are suggesting that the weight loss may be because of some unknown health issues. But any speculation about Anais' health status is thus far without evidence.

Before joining Love & Hip Hop, Anais gained fame as a Dominican singer. She was the winner of the second season of Objetivo Fama, a Puerto Rican reality-show-contest that airs on Univision...