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SHOCK PIC: Woman Leaks NUDE PIC Of NFL Star Dak Prescott!! (GRAPHIC)


Yesterday the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys Day Prescott was embarrassed, after a woman leaked an alleged nude pic that he sent to her. The image immediately went viral on social media.

According to the website Terez Owens, the woman who leaked the pic claims that Dad sent it to her DMs. The two reportedly had a fling together, and Dak was trying to get the girl to "date" him again - according to the website.

The image has got people talking. Especially because - given the angle - it appears that the NFL star is very well endowed.

Here is the image - warning GRAPHIC

Back in March reports said that Dak was in San Diego hanging out with a woman he's been spotted with more than once lately. Her name is Rosette Abud and according to the publication's tipster, it wasn't the first time they've hung out.

Her name is Rosette Abud:

She was also spotted with Dak at his teammate Ryan Switzer's wedding a couple of months ago.

"Dak Prescott is in San Diego with a woman he's been hanging out with lately. Her name is Rosette Abud and she's starting to catch feelings, even telling her friends she's Dak's girl. He did take her to Ryan Switzer's wedding a couple of weeks ago and they were also spotted at a UNC and Duke game. Dak isn't looking at it as anything more than a hookup."

Still we wonder how the photo of Dak in a private moment got out?