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SHOCK MURDER: 9-Year-Old BEAUTY Was Killed . . . When A BIG FAT LADY Sat On Her . . . As 'PUNISHMENT'!! (Pics Of The BEAST That Allegedly Killed Her)

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Dericka Lindsay, a 9 year old from Pensacola, Florida, had everything to look forward too. But her life was cut short after authorities say she was KILLED by a big fat MONSTER.

Police say that 325 pound Veronica Green Posey, 64, sat on the small girl because the BIG FATTY thought he child was "out of control."

Additionally, Grace Joan Smith, 69, and James Edmund Smith, 62, were arrested and charged with child neglect for failing to report the abuse. Grace Smith has also been charged with cruelty toward a child. The report named the Smiths as the parents of Dericka and Posey as the Smiths' niece.

According to Grace Smith's arrest report, she called Posey to her house for assistance with disciplining Dericka. Grace Smith told the deputy Posey struck Dericka with a ruler and a metal pipe before Dericka ran to an armchair.

In James Smith's arrest report, he told the deputy Posey sat on Dericka in the armchair for an estimated 10 minutes before Dericka complained of not being able to breathe. He told the deputy Posey continued to sit on the child for another two minutes before standing up and finding the child unresponsive.

Police report state that Dericka informed adults that she couldn't breathe and when Posey stood up, she tried to do CPR on the lifeless body and called 911.

Veronica was arrested and charged with cruelty toward a child and homicide.