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SHOCK LIVESTREAM VIDEO: Man Finds A NEWBORN BABY Abandoned Outside Houston PROJECTS . . . And The Baby Is Being EATEN BY ANTS!!! (The Baby Is OK Now)

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A disturbing video was livestreamed yesterday - showing a man finding an abandoned baby - outside of the projects in Houston.

Here's the video:

And here's how the local ABC news station is reporting on the incident:

Deputies credit a man living at the apartment for finding the newborn before going to work.

"I looked down. I said, 'Oh, man, there is a baby right here,'" said Albert Peterson, who found the girl. "The baby was brand new."

The muffled cries of the child caught Peterson's attention.

"I picked the baby up, and the baby had mucus and blood and all kinds of stuff all over her body," Peterson said. "When I seen her, I seen ants and stuff all over. So I picked her up."

Peterson took the girl to his apartment, cleaned her and placed her in a blanket while his wife called 911.

Peterson says it was not hard for detectives to find the mother.

"She walked all the way around that corner bleeding," Peterson said as he pointed. "You see her footprints on the ground."

Detectives say the 21-year-old mother is now in custody and undergoing psychological and medical evaluations. A man from her apartment was also taken into custody.