SHOCK JUSTICE: Nebraska Mom MURDERS Newborn Child . . . Judge Gives Her NO JAIL TIME . . . Her Only Punishment . . . Is She Has To DELETE HER FACEBOOK PAGE!!!


A Nebraska teenager plead guilty to murdering her premature baby girl. The 16 year old tossed the newborn out a second story window to its death. And her punishment - is that a judge ordered her to delete her Facebook account. That's right - the murderous mom will not spend a day in jail.

Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge Christopher Kelly refused to give Antonia Lopez any time behind bars, the Omaha World Herald reported.

Lopez, 16, was instead ordered to delete her Facebook account, live in a group home, start individual and family therapy and perform 50 hours of community service. The teen was also placed on probation.

According to the outlet, the judge wanted the teen to get rid of her Facebook because the crime has led to people from around the country leaving her negative comments.