SHOCK IMAGES: Man Tries To Commit SUICIDE . . . He Jumps Into The LIONS CAGE . . . And The LIONS EAT HIM ALIVE!! (We Have The GRUESOME PICS)


A mentally deranged man tried to commit SUICIDE today, by jumping into the lions den inside the Santiago National Zoo, in Chile. Apparently, he was talking about Jesus and "biblical quotes" before entering the cage, according to a witness

The 20-year-old man started to climb the lions' cage and got into it. Reports say that at first, the lions didn't care about him, so he got naked and started to tease them.

Zoo guards used hoses to throw water at the lions and one of them shot a tranquilizer to the lioness. The lioness basically said "forget this" at that point and grabbed the guy by his head, trying to take him to her den to kill him.

Guards decided to shot the lions because the protocol says "human lives first." They killed two lions, a third one went to hide to the den.

One of the tranquilizer darts hit the guy, and he's in critical condition right now.