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SHOCK IMAGE: Worker At BOJANGLES Restaurant . . . Is Caught . . . Doing EXTREME NASTINESS . . . In Front Of Customers!!!

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Here is a report sent in by a trusted MTOer:

I recently went to a Bojangles in North Carolina (917 Georgia rd. Franklin, NC) before heading back to Atlanta. I witnessed an employee at Bojangles picking dead skin from her feet, where customers sit and eat.

She didn't stop when she seen customers in the store whatsoever, she acted as if that was her normal routine.

The manager on duty at the time even came and had a conversation with her and didn't once tell her to stop or put her shoes on.

I called Bojangles corporate number and they acted as if they didn't care. I find it highly disgusting and unprofessional people eat here and should know what is going on at this location.