A 46 year old named Carl Stevens and his wife Kenya have a VERY non-traditional marriage - that they are trying to make CONVENTIONAL. The couple has been happily married for 22 years. But for the last 10 years of their relationship - the couple 'opened' their marriage to different partners.

Carl and Kenya go ALL THE WAY WITH IT too. They invite their lovers into their home - and they say they're pioneering "the future of love."

Here's how the UK's Daily Mail is reporting it:

The couple from Asheville, North Carolina, actively look for multiple partners on Tinder and dating sites, and insist their children are comfortable with their "boyfriends" and "girlfriends" living in the family home.

Carl, 46, and Kenya, 42, invited cameras to their "modern love" therapy sessions to reveal what it's like living as a polyamorous couple - in and out of the bedroom.

Kenya told Barcroft TV: "Carl and I have been open for 12 years. We enjoy it so much that we support other people coming into this lifestyle.

"We deal with every kind of problem, from people cheating on their spouse, people who want to open their relationship and people who want to learn how to relate to one person."

Carl added: "I think poly relationships are becoming a lot more common. A study showed that it was the fastest growing relationship type in the US.

"I believe people need help in becoming that, a lot of people are making a big mess out of it. They are not seeing it as a process, I think by 2050 it will be normal like monogamous."


Here is an EXPLICIT video of the wife

Here's their entire family:

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Here is their 17 year old daughter:

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Here are some of her male partners:

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