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SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Young M.A. Is Allegedly 'FAKING HER GAY IMAGE' . . . And She Got 'KNOCKED OUT' . . . By A Real STUD THUG!!!


A new interview calls into question . . . whether Young faking her tough STUD image. According to one of M.A.'s rap rivals, young M.A. was a "pretty chick" before she started rapping. The same girl, claims that she BEAT UP Ma . . . and KNOCKED HER OUT!!

The interview, conducted by the homie Doggie Diamonds, was of another Brooklyn female rapper Mulann Milla. Mulann claims that she BEAT UP Young M.A., and that Young M.A. stole her "stud" look to become popular.

And Mulann claims that the last time they met, she KNOCKED OUT Young M.A.